Caning a miscreant

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Description: The start of something big
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handmaid - 1 days ago
Very good hard and cold caning. Pleased to see the threat of a restart for the impertinent rubbing.
MistressL - 1 days ago
Nice to see him suffer
garykane - 2 days ago
Dear Miss Lisa,

Thank you for taking the trouble to post this.

It looks like the start of a really serious punishment session and I like the threat of starting again you gave him when he reached out of massage his poor bottom.

Would love to see the full 60….. Did he get through it?


jackdog - 3 days ago
A light background (like a wall) or especially a window letting in strong sunlight will usually cause the cameras' auto exposure meter to DARKEN the scene to compensate for the excess light. Since that is NOT happening (i.e. there's too much light), either your camera's auto exposure is malfunctioning or is set to MANUAL (most likely the latter). I suggest you record the scene for about 10 seconds (with the guy in the scene, but before putting any wear and tear on the guy's butt), then playback what was recorded as a way to see what the recording would look like. Then make any necessary exposure adjustments and run more short recording tests until the scene looks good. If you're using an iPhone, I think it has built in editing adjustments that can modify and improve the finished product. Don't worry that you're not photogenic, it's common to aim the camera low enough to cut the spanker's head from the scene to preserve anonymity. Nobody cares really if you're gorgeous or not!
misslisacp - 4 days ago
Thank you for comments, i can fully appreciate your technical comments jackdog. I am no David Bailey, I didn't realise it would look so over exposed when i positioned the camera i think i still need a lot more practice. I'm not very photo genic so try and steer clear from getting in the shots but i will try and do a better one.
slipperee - 4 days ago
jackdog - 4 days ago
The video was so over exposed I had difficulty seeing the light-colored cane hit the light-colored butt cheeks. It would also have been nice to have the action in the center of the frame, instead of right next to the left edge of the frame. Half of the thrill of a caning is seeing the person wielding it and swing it down of the person's buttocks! Of course the person swinging the cane was completely outside of the viewing area. Too bad, because it SOUNDED like a hell of a caning, and the guy seemed to be suffering quite a bit! Except for these technical aspects, this would have been a terrific video!
Francesca14 - 4 days ago
Very good