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  261 views · 28 days ago

Hello Sir,
Do you remember how hard was posting a blog for me in first days sir? But you helped me believe myself so I can easily post blogs :-)
Today again something happened that I want to share it with everyone to show them how much I am lucky for having you as my big brother.
As you know, these few days was very bad and hard time for me, so you decide give me a spanking relief sir.
You made me lay on bed and after then start paddling my bare bottom, till I get sore. It was painful, but you didn't listen to my pleading and continue. And then it was time for harder part, paddling sit spot, it was horrible when you stop it sir. Then send me to corner. I know wasn't good but same as always you were patient and care sir.
I never thought it can be helpful this much sir. I really put that problem behind. So I really appreciate that sir.
After you said I can come out of corner, you talked with me and again made me sure you do this because you love your little sis.
Today I had exam, History exam, boring lesson, and you know I would not study for it, so you decide giving me a reminder spanking sir. But I start to be disobedient.
And that was the time you start your horrible counting sir. You know that is something can made me obey always.
You gave me a other paddling and after ask question like "would you try your best in exam?", "would you study?",... You stop but made me sit on a stool with sore bottom and studying. It was hard, so I didn't want to sit and study, but you were there at your 4am, stay with me till I finish my studying sir.
I said all of these because want when you wake up read my feelings, I am sorry for wasn't good today sir.
And I am very lucky for having you, I could see you opened your eyes very hard, you were tired but you stay till your 5am for me sir, maybe this letter can show you I understand what you do for me sir.
And maybe you get happy when know I got top grade in my History exam, so this class is over too sir. And from morning I don't think about that happened sir.
So like always I want to say really appreciate your helps, and am very lucky for having you as my big brother.

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Spencer_Dad - 4 days ago
Good Morning, hope you had a great week...
Grinch1104 - 7 days ago
You need to be more specific why you’re sending friends request other than telling me that you like my punishment method
Hotredglow - 23 days ago

Missed you too sis!
Doctor17101956 - 26 days ago
I would like to be your Spanish friend
Thanks for being my friend.
A greeting
Me gustaría ser tu amigo español.
Gracias por ser mi amigo
Un saludo
0fuxgiven - 28 days ago
Thanks for the add
Francesca14 - 41 days ago
Thank you.
Hotredglow - 58 days ago

I put this on Lotus's wall too...I heart you!
Hotredglow - 58 days ago
Hi fellow brat ;)))) love you sis! Huggles and Kisses to infinity! Oxoxox..
Hotredglow - 73 days ago
Thank you np. Love and Huggles and Kisses too sis oxox.
Justjanie - 90 days ago
Hi Needs. I've been missing our little family. Just stopped by to say hi. Xojanie