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692 days ago
Do you like the new Rating System?
I like the thumbs up and thumbs down
I prefer the 1 to 5 Star Ratings (Old Site)
I just want a thumbs up and no thumbs down
707 days ago
Hello all,

As you can see under your messages you now have the ability to delete more than one message at time. Please let me know if you have any issues.

Cheers, Marcus (Admin)

709 days ago

We are aware that videos will not be play Mobile and Tablet devices. We are working on the issue.

FIXED.....Sorry everyone. :)

Happy Holidays

Marcus (Admin)

711 days ago
So we have launched our new site design. Please let us know what you think and any issues you find. We will be working hard for the next week fixing any errors and customizing the site further.


Thanks, Marcus (Admin)