691 days ago
Do you like the new Rating System?
I like the thumbs up and thumbs down
I prefer the 1 to 5 Star Ratings (Old Site)
I just want a thumbs up and no thumbs down
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Anna29 - 657 days ago
It's good to see stars back instead of thumbs up/down. Stars (or red bums as weltonbtm suggested for a more fun variant) make it possible to give a much more nuanced evaluation of a video.
Spankingtube - 660 days ago
Thanks everyone for taking the time to send us feedback. After some careful thought and taking in consideration all the feedback we received we decided it would be best to go back to the star rating system. Regards, Marcus (admin)
russiansorex - 662 days ago
Spank you very much!
tazzie - 666 days ago
Lov the new voting option
buellford - 666 days ago
Wow. Voting is very even. Thumbs up or down seems easy enough.
dozo - 666 days ago
Your system does not remember my log in. and messages do not get sent; much prefer the old site.
ZadokThePriest - 668 days ago
In a moment of drunken genius (or not) it's just struck me that sites like this need an anti-trolling algorithm. A thumbs down from any IP address which which consistently gives rise to more than a certain percentage of thumbs downs should be ignored. I'd say that is a pretty trivial bit of software engineering...but what do I know? ;-)

A user of this site giving more thumbs down than thumbs up really ought to go elsewhere...perhaps they're not into spanking at all...so they think everything is shite! :-)
atpstudios - 671 days ago
Please go back to the star rating system- Thanks for all you do!
bobrshng79 - 673 days ago
This is not as effective of a rating system as the 1to 5 star rating system. I mean the people could (like it) 51% to 49% (hate or dislike) and still receive a thumbs up. To get the rating system as effective as possible you need a larger range than thumbs up/ thumbs down. You want to see a separation of marginally good videos to great and outstanding videos
weltonbtm - 674 days ago
I would like to see something spanking related similar to the star rating eg 1-5 red bottoms etc