704 days ago
Hello all,
As you can see under your messages you now have the ability to delete more than one message at time. Please let me know if you have any issues.
Cheers, Marcus (Admin)
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ObeRon - 675 days ago
Marcus , would it be possible to put the green on/off line dot next to the envelope in the inbox messages ... as also a real Page Refresh Button .... it would make it so more easy to chat on here

Thanks , Ron
Spankingtube - 695 days ago
Angelyss21, I am sorry you are having issues. This is not really the place to try and diagnose your problem. Feel free to use the support link at the bottom of the page and contact us. We will be happy to try and help.

Thanks, Marcus
Angelyss21 - 699 days ago
The site is mostly working except now I can't access the drop bar by my name to access my profile or inbox :/
bobhend - 699 days ago
Thanks for the improved website, fast downloads, and all the content !
It would be really great if the videos in each user profile could be ranked by the percent score because some users have hundreds of videos.
I can't say enough about how much I enjoy ST !!!!
Spankingtube - 701 days ago
TO: Aqsey
Reply: To make friends you find a person you want to make friends with, go under their profile and the click "Add to Friends". Hope this helps.

Thanks, Marcus (Admin)
Aqsey - 701 days ago
Hi, how do you make friends on here and what is it about?
Smakkaral - 702 days ago
Okay Marcus or Admin, thank you for explaining this to me. I figured it out on my laptop but not on my smartphone where I was having all of the problems at. But from now on out I will just use my laptop to upload the pictures because it's easier that way for me personally.
Spankingtube - 703 days ago
To: Smakkaral
Reply: So log into your profile. At the top of the page use the drop down menu to go to "My Photos". It will list your photo albums. Click on one of your photo albums, this will take you to the list of photos under that album. At the bottom of the page is a link that says, "Add More Photos". Hope this helps. Thanks, Marcus (Admin)
Smakkaral - 703 days ago
Every time I tried to upload a new picture It's forcing me to create a new photo album each time. What am I doing wrong? It's not giving me the option to upload new photo's into my existing photo album's.
ObeRon - 704 days ago
Marcus WELL DONE .... works perfect