711 days ago
We are aware that videos will not be play Mobile and Tablet devices. We are working on the issue.
FIXED.....Sorry everyone. :)
Happy Holidays
Marcus (Admin)
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Masterofall - 602 days ago
I am not able to upload any thing since you changed the format
Babyblue - 656 days ago
Been having issues getting videos to play on Android, newer ones 200 days to now play but anything older does not.
DC - 671 days ago
I still get this video is not available on this platform on a lot of videos how does this get fixed so I can enjoy all the videos I want to watch?
spankingsarah - 683 days ago
I like the new site very much apart from the thumbs down symbol. We are trying to market films and this certainly does not help. If someone does not like a film then the easy and fairest option is they don't vote for it, this stops those few idiots out there who think it fun to vote down other peoples films.

How do I upload a picture for your model listing, cant seem to find out how to do it
Spankingtube - 710 days ago
Yeah I saw that. I will get the count fixed soon. Not much I can do about the compressed photos at this point. If you have not done so already it might be a good idea to clear your browser cache / offline data and then restart. It might be holding on to the old photos.

Thanks, Marcus
Sufran - 711 days ago
The 'Everything Else' category shows that it has 0 videos in it, when there are lots there. I saw that when I clicked on the 'Categories' button. Also, in that section, the preview pictures look compressed from the top, so that people look short and fat. Apart from that, well done on a great site with a good new look.