118 days ago
Hello Everyone. Below is the message we have been sending to members about our change in allowing private videos. We want to get the opinion of as many members as possible so please comment below and take the poll. Thanks, Marcus
Hello, We are moving away from private videos for various reasons. Over the past 6 months or so there has been an ever increasing amount of private videos which is not good for our members or our ertisers. Also we have to store the videos which only a hand full of members ever get to see after trying to friend request the video uploader. We are just a small tube site and do not have the resources to become a storage server for private videos that not enough people get to view which in turn reduces the amount of revenue we can generate off of a particular video. I hope this makes sense. For the time being I can allow you to upload private videos, just know that at some point the functionality might be going to be going away. If you want me to setup your account to allow private video upload let me know. Thank you, Marcus 
Do you like Private videos and Pictures?
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Grinch1104 - 4 days ago
I rather keep my photos and videos private since some people here are bunch of crybabies rather than being adults.
tygrr - 9 days ago
please make my videos private because someone has been stealing them and posting them on other sites
Spankingtube - 115 days ago
OK, for the time being we have decided on a temporary solution to see how it goes. You can still upload private videos and photos but only by request. Send a request via or support page.
Also we have removed the private / public drop down from the videos and photos page. Private content will still show on your profile page.
Lastly remember that anything you upload on the internet, even if you mark it private, could potentially viewed and shared by anyone. It's always better to make your content public if you are going to share.
Thanks to everyone for your feedback and emailing me personally to give your opinion. Cheers, Marcus (Admin)
darthbrat - 115 days ago
I don't have a 'strong' opinion either way, myself, but I never understood the whole purpose of posting a 'private' video on a 'public' site, in the first place. I don't 'get' it. Am I missing something here?
PunishmentsOnly - 117 days ago
"It is interesting to note that most people who have a strong opinion in favour of banning private videos do not post videos of their own."

Interesting to note that of the three other commenters, two don't have videos and one of us does (that would be me). "Most people" might be a bit of a stretch. I think Marcus is being pretty reasonable, and explained his reasoning pretty clearly.

If I want to share something with a select few, rather than anyone with a spanking fetish, I'll send it to them personally. It seems rather selfish to use the only site there is to stream free spanking videos as some sort of exclusive club.
ZadokThePriest - 117 days ago
It is interesting to note that most people who have a strong opinion in favour of banning private videos do not post videos of their own. It seems reasonable to assume that they are here to view other people's clips...so of course they aren't going to be in favour of people posting things they can't view.
It is human nature to be more interested in something you know you aren't supposed to see. On that basis I have always thought it strange that the existence of 'friends only' videos is ertised by making thumbnails available to all and sundry. Hide the thumbnails and no one has any reason to be upset. The problem is that 'private' videos have never been private at all...just un-viewable by people who aren't friends.
ZadokThePriest - 117 days ago
Perhaps some people post as private to collect friend requests. Again, folks want to see what they are hiding so they click the 'add to friends' button. Personally I always found it very annoying to receive empty friend requests from members who couldn't even take the trouble to send a message. I sometimes took the trouble to look at the playlist of such members when trying to decide whether to accept. Guess what, their play lists were frequently composed predominantly of private vids.
If the storage of private videos really is a cost issue why not impose a small storage limit on each account? Frankly I'd be surprised if it is about the cost of server space given the way the price of disk space has tumbled. If it more to do with those videos being unavailable to the wider membership then banning private videos won't improve things...the videos just won't be on the site for anyone to view...friend or otherwise.
ZadokThePriest - 117 days ago
Another argument I've seen put forward in favour of banning private videos goes along the lines of "even if you post privately your material still isn't safe so why bother making it private at all?" I agree, it is naive to think that there is any great degree of security provided by posting privately on this site. It does however offer a small degree of privacy. It stops non members taking screen captures of things I don't want to appear on xHamster. As with all things in life people make choices based on their assessment of the risk and what they find acceptable. Should Anonymous or the Impact Team turn their attention to this site I'm sure a quite a few people here would feel uncomfortable...but we're not talking about serious hacking here...just a little privacy please.
ZadokThePriest - 117 days ago
I get nothing out of posting here apart from the opportunity to share experiences and ideas with like minded folks. Some of those things I don’t want to share deliberately with the World and her dog. If a little privacy is too much to ask then this place loses any semblance it has of being a spanking community and I will no longer be part of it.
The bottom line (no pun intended) is that I post a combination of public and private material. If I can't do both I won't do either. I'm sure that a lot of posters of their own amateur content feel the same so if you want a diet of brief commercial teasers and little else go right ahead and ban private videos.
clg0413 - 117 days ago
Ask Assange if he can hack into your private videos, you bet he can and everyone else with half a techie mind. There is no privacy on the internet. When you hit enter, it goes thru your ISP, all search engines servers and whatever other server out there before it gets to spankingtube. When you delete it off of ST, it doesn't delete it off the other servers. It's out there forever. And anyone that wants to vet you will find you no matter what you delete. Nothing is safe on the internet. So making your vids private is really just a waste of time. C