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We all have our favorite positions, sure -- this is true enough, in fact, that spanking positions get their own spot on our profiles here!

And how often I see or hear "OTK". A lot. Like, a lot.

It seems to be a fading position with many Tops, for some reason, even though it remains a favorite among so many of us. (Am I wrong?)

Well, here comes some exposure.... OTK affects me. Spankings by themselves do, any position does, but there is an added element of effect in being spanked OTK. Enough so, that I tend to hide that very fact. (Have I ever mentioned my avoidance techniques? *blink blink*)

For example. Earlier this year I met weekly with a spanker to mete out punishment or maintenance on behalf of my remote Disciplinarian for a particular project. Over 2 months, I reported to my local spanker what my remote Disciplinarian had determined I needed. And during all those spankings during all that time, this gentleman put me over his knee for a part of a session, maybe twice.

Don’t get me wrong, the sessions were effective and I completed my task! All's well that ended well. No harm came (hmmm...) from the lack of OTK.

A month ago, this local spanker asked me if I wanted to meet just to blow off steam. We set up time and place, and since it wasn't for discipline at all, I revealed to him then that OTK got to me more than any other position. Which is why I'd never mentioned that fact to him while I was under his discipline.

(So. Okay, go ahead and scold me for my omission. But then tell me that you are perfectly honest and share 100% of everything that affects you all the time with everyone that you meet! And I repeat.... Avoidance Techniques....)

When we met after I shared this, I spent most of the 2-hour spanking session over that man's knee. Call it paid.

But here's the thing. He asked me afterwards: why OTK? Why does that position have a deeper effect on me? Here's what I told him. Do you agree, those of you who appreciate the unique qualities of the spanking lap?

First of all, for me, I fear vulnerability, and it is a vulnerable position for me. That's number one.... again, for me. In a contrary fashion, I’ve heard others say they like it because it is the most connective and intimate position, being laid directly over another person's leg(s). Other positions may be more exposing, but not as intimately connective. I have heard this, and I must concede the point.

I also told him that OTK offers the most control to the spanker. Compared to other positions, it allows the spanker to take full physical control, to a small or to an absolute degree. (Well, minus restraints, I suppose.) Spoken from the perspective of a 4’10” woman, this position physically keeps me fairly helpless. (Ug, even writing the word makes me cringe!)

Look. It's one thing to obey, to submit to the control of another, to choose to do as they say because you have given them control for that moment. That's still yours to choose!

It's another thing altogether for your spanker to take control out of your hands completely. Not to let you even have a choice! And OTK allows for that possibility.

It's a possibility that gets to me like you wouldn't believe.

The final thing I mentioned to answer his after-the-fact question: in all other positions (aside from restraints or bondage), I have something else to focus on.

I can think about staying in position. I can focus on standing, or holding on to something, or getting back to where I'm supposed to be. Or counting -- not necessarily a position thing, but it has the same effect. These things aren't bad at all, and have some really good use at times!! But there's something else I can split my focus on, distract myself away from what's happening to my poor bottom!

So, I hang on, and endure. I focus on holding on, staying put, getting back, standing, bending, straddling, whatever. It gives me something else to get my mind off what's happening to me... and when there's a challenge, like staying in position no matter what, I am set to endure, determined to 'get through' it.

OTK? There's literally nothing for me to do except take the spanking. I'm at the mercy of the spanking, and there's absolutely nothing for me to think about or focus on or accomplish or endure.... There's nothing I can distract myself with or hang on to!

I'm not taking the spanking at that point, I'm getting a spanking. And there's nothing I can do but get it!

That is another reason it really gets to me. That is why, in discipline, it is the most punitive position, to me. Personally speaking, when someone calls me over to their lap, I get the feeling like I'm in trouble more than any other time. It's not just about the pain, you see, but that absolutely unavoidable vulnerability... and that feeling of facing a spanking that will be possibly beyond my control, and being completely unable to distract myself from....

(Unless they make me count.)

So. That's why OTK. For me.

What about you, SpankingTube wanderers, voyeurs, enturers, questing fellow spanking pathfinders? What about you? Do you OTK? Why?

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Much has been said in these columns regarding the subject of corner-time.

Personally, the gorilla regards corner-time as a waste of valuable resources. Discipline is not a bye-word for meditational therapy for goodness sakes; nor should it be an opportunity for miscreants to laze about when there is useful work to be done.

Once the reprimand has been delivered and the sore bottom duly administered, provide the penitent with an apron and set them to work cleaning your study or some such other useful tasks like doing the shopping; or perhaps you have laundry which needs ironing?

That way - the imaginative and creative disciplinarian saves money on household bills, and the disciplinee gains valuable experience and insight into the domain of shame, pain and humiliation!

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Hello there! How are you all doing?

I will be in Dublin from 28th of December to the 4th of January!

Any spankees (girls highly preferred) open to a meeting in the Irish isle?

Send me a private message if interested.

Thanks :)

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Will be in Hong Kong for a few nights at the end of November and beginning of December. Any spankos in Hong Kong on here? If so, and you're interested in chatting with a view to possibly getting together while I'm there, drop me a line! Plus, any recommendations for places to see and visit always welcome! :)