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I posted some photos of submissive Amy being used and punished. I met Amy on one of the online modeling forums. She's posed for me 5 times. The first was a BDSM glamour shoot at Studio 120, the second was a retro theme shoot. The last three shoots with Amy had me using her, punishing her, spanking and strapping her, hard dildo fucking and forcing her to cum. She's now busy with other activities, out of grad school and working hard no doubt. I think her modeling and play days may be over. That makes me sad. She is beautiful and smart, a really sweet girl--I sorry she can't model for me and we can't play together anymore.

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I remember when I was first seduced to the spanking world. I was in the 3rd grade. Girls were not is gross as they use to be, but the monkey bars where still the place to be during recess. I remember swinging on the bars minding my own business not even paying attention to the group of cute 4th grade girls playing house down below me. As soon as I got to the other side of the bars one of them scooped me up and pulled me down to the ground. I found myself over her lap and my butt in the air being slapped faster than I could blink. She let me up after only a hand full of swats because of my kicking and squirming, with a warning to behave or it would happen again. I couldn’t take my eyes off her from across the sand box all recess.

Unfortunately it never happened again, but that day a spankee was born. As I grew older I found sites about spanking online, but was never able to find a girl who was into it. My last girlfriend could get into birthday spankings, and me slapping her on the butt every now and again, but that was the extent of it. Now that I’m out of a five year relationship that didn’t seem to every really connect on that physical level, I’m hoping to find someone who is ready to explore. I found that I can get into the role of either the dominate or submissive one in the relationship depending on the other person, so I’m definitely up to meeting all kinds of people.

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Skalve! gehorche MIR.
Im sommer 2011 melde bei Mir auf mein
Sklavenausbildungsfarm in ungarischen Puszta.

Elite Pain
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Would you like to become my slave?
Do you have some really extreme desires?
Think about the summer on 2011.
Come and visit me at my Dungeon, spend a couple of days or even a week with me!

Greetings from Hungary
Lady Jenny

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Just wanted to share the latest post from my public blog:

I have been emailed quite a bit these past couple of months about this topic so I thought it was worthy to blog about: What constitutes a discipline session with your HOH? Well now, that all depends on the relationship, the “rules” (spoken or unspoken), and the two of you as individuals. In short, if you have to ask the question, it’s best to start with an open discussion with your HOH or partner prior to any discipline (or further discipline) takes place. The reason being, that communication with any L/DD relationship is fundamental (any type of relationship for that matter). To read more on communication, click HERE. Neither party can know when discipline is necessary, or potentially necessary, until it has been discussed.

Heinz and I do not have a formal contract written regarding the rules of the house; however, some do find this document helpful. For us, the rules were discussed on a casual type of basis. Not that the subject is casual, rather, we figured our way along the first few months of our relationship based on open and mutual conversations. In fact, some rules are not even included in our relationship because there is no place for such behavior in either of our moral or ethical make up and our respect for each other and life as a whole; so it isn't necessary. For example, neither one of us has ever discussed or considered discipline for things such as failing to do laundry or dishes, spending too much money, forgetting to put gas in the car, or failing to make dinner on time, just as an example for us. That’s because we both recognize that the other person is human and that the overall health of the relationship is what’s important to us. I do get punished if I cause disharmony in the relationship such as allowing my attitude to interfere with our lives (collectively or individually), and a few (our) moral-based things such as swearing or safety-based situations such as driving too fast or climbing on the roof with nobody home. I only list these as an example, not as right or wrong or as recommendations, as everybody’s rules will vary according to each relationship, set of desires, morals, ethics, needs, priorities, and/or goals.

What constitutes discipline will be as individual as the two of you and your relationship. If you aren’t sure or if you feel something is not fair in the relationship, discuss it! For what is right for me and Heinz, may not necessarily be right for you and your relationship. Keep in mind that the health and happiness of the relationship is the goal and rules only help facilitate that.

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This seems to be a UK/USA divide as the slipper seems to be the instrument of choice in the UK. It seems to mirror the cane vs paddle debate. I guess it is a matter of taste and upbringing. I love to be across the knee of a big strong mature woman, my trousers down, getting a scorching couple of dozen with a slipper. As for the cane - bending over a chair with the same lady letting me have six absolute stingers with a swishy cane over the seat of some tight shorts will do the business!

Elite Pain
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I was given a 1st show preview of the new full film coming out at BunBeatingFun - if you want to see this (I have oodles of images, a description of the film and a couple of free preview clips) then go check it out. She is called EVE and is one of their best ever model brats in my opinion!!! Seriously - at the time of writing... NO ONE has seen this!

Also at my site I uploaded a brilliant spanking film that also hid a dark secret, I broke my hairbrush on Irelynn Logeen's beautiful butt! Again it's a 1st show exclusive and the site home page has an incredible HD-MP4 preview clip, the full movie is now out for members already!!!

Thanks for reading and check it out at

Have a great weekend, here in the UK, the weather is fantastic!

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Do spanking video viewers like sex with spanking videos. And if so what kind of scenarios do they like?

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Naked bum exposed
Switch poised to come lashing down


Bunch of birch twigs poised,
Bottom bared and raised awaits,
Mere thin air between.


Bottom raised, cane raised
A second, eternity,
before pain explodes


Stick strikes on soft flesh
Fiery anguish, burning welts
Hot bum. Hot sex. Bliss.


The world fades away
Stroke on stroke is all there is
Torment I have craved


Crack! Ow! Crack! Yeow! Crack!
Squirming and gasping and tears.
Don’t stop. This is fun.


Stick drives into flesh
Pain! Writhing, contortions, cries.
Play. Rapture ensues.


Birch twigs lashing down
Surging tsunami of pain
Sweeps me away to bliss


Harsh stick imparts pain.
I kick, gasp, red welts spring up.
Love it? Hate it? Yes.

Elite Pain
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So,...what is a blog anyway,? Kind of interested because I love writing....:D

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I received my spanking this afternoon. This was a little different, as I removed my top. I knew I was going to be totally naked, but was surprised by a breast spanking.

It was longer than I expected and hard to make it through the process without crying. A lot of whining, but no tears.

All is forgiven and the punishment is posted for anyone who would like to see. I do feel less stress and so does my husband.

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Yay! Daddy and I finally get a few days to ourselves. Im excited, hopefully we'll film our very first spanking video, and take some more pictures as well. :)

Elite Pain
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We are going international. and jetting off to Munich in May,, with First class seats booked on Easy Jet , we have decided to tempt fate by visiting Boundcom VIII. we looking forward to it: -D i say that with a nervous smile.. i feel like the first time we went to a fetclub .. sitting outside.. about to brave the element's thinking do we? don't we?.. what are we going to expect.. although this time.. at least we know a few people.. I HOPE!. Just going to wander round a a regular punter .., should be like the LAM or LFF but on a much bigger scale.. i do recognize a few vendors, from whom i have procured a few items over the years. must remember to drop by and see if i cant get some discount I am very sure i will find something to buy.. i always do.. even if its some obscure item that no one wants.

My biggest problem is WHAT DO I TAKE and will i get it through Customs? well i need to take bratt and at least 2 outfits for her.. after the sight of bondage rope and equipment she will need a cold shower to calm her down. So i still come back to i have bratt .. a couple of outfits .. what else.. Damm these weight limits on planes.. 20Kg what am i spoused to do with that? can see them letting us on plane with hand luggage with what we have.. Driving to Germany seems more appealing now!. although i have driven it before it before its a loooong drive! i checked and its very long Distance: 733.1 miles Time: 11 hr 25 min.. but for next year maybe.. least i can take what i want there. For now the plane will suffice.

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Recently i have just discoverd i am BIsexual i have allways thought i might be but never acted on it until my last spanking by a Male i was offerd a Hand Job to calm me down as i was crying quite alot it was a very big Punishment spanking that i needed Now i relise i crave TLC as well as a good spanking i hope one day i can find the right Male or female who will spanking me and give me TLC when it is needed Well anyone who might be able to give ise about recently discoring my new sexual side i would be gratefull to comments or PMs anyone who is abusive will be ignored so if you dont like what i have revelied here tough shit!!

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Hi, I hope you like our photo albums and leave a comment to encourage Julie to pose for some more.
Our latest game is to shuffle a pack of cards and the recipient has to select 10 cards without looking at them.
The punishment instument is agreed, usually the cane or the strap that you see in some of the photos
Then strip and get into position- usually bent over the table, but this is also discussed and agreed in ance.
Turn over the first card. The only rule is that the cards will and must be obeyed whatever they are!
Ace is one, Jack is 11, Queen 12 and King 13 strokes.
Clubs are soft
Spades are medium
Hearts being red are hard, but delivered with care and tenderness (get it--hearts for love!)
Diamonds are very hard and cutting!
The recipient decides when to turn each card, and is allowed a break or rest, but all 10 must be delivered in the session.
Its great for anticipation and nerves.
We have both received and delivered, as some of the photos show.
Let us know if you try it.

Elite Pain
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I'm definitely thinking about doing spanking videos. Anyone interested? I compensate. Mostly looking for female bottoms.

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My son is home sick from school today. Two days in a row now with a fever.

I am so needing a spanking. I have one coming it is just hard to find time alone to get it done.

My bottom is just aching for a hard one and my stress level is too. I may have to try oil on my bottom, i hear it intensifies the pain. Anyone know if this is true? I have also heard a wet bottom does as well. Wonder which is more effective.

I am tired of talking about getting a spanking, I am ready to make it happen.

Happy Tuesday everyone!

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Can anyone else send messages on here?

Elite Pain
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I'm here.

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I have to ask myself what I have gotten myself into when I approached my husband to discipline, spank, whip my bottom when I misbehave.

I have earned another punishment. I dont even have to ask this time if it is deserved, I know it is. I have such a problem with obeying and respect. I have a feeling you all will see my red bottom on here often. He mentioned implementing reminder or maintenance spankings. Not sure if he plans to record those and upload them. He said he believes I would benefit from them along with punishment spankings to help keep me balanced and in line. When he beats my ass it does hurt but afterwards I am less stressed and much more submissive and loving.

We will post the next punishment video and or images of before and after. He said it will be more severe as he did not think the last one stayed with me long enough to have an effect and there were comments that it appeared to be more erotic than punishment and it really was a punishment spanking.