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Petit coucou a tous les français du site et a tout ceux qui souhaitent papotter

A bientôt

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To that f***in' c***bag who reported my clips and have them removed, you need to get over it. Stop stalking other people's profile and pretending to be a legal representative of some law firm with a fake phone number that doesn't even exist.

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today is my birthday!!!!!! I am so happy, I went to the Columbus Zoo with my best friends and saw the lights. We took so many pictures.

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If you read my previous blog post...

Let me start out by saying that my Daddy tries his best. He balances a lot. He tries to make me feel special in ways that are unique to what I need and succeeds in these attempts. And my "Sister" is the cutest and sweetest thing ever. I talk with her for 4-5 hours a night and we just laugh, get each other into trouble, try to keep each other from trouble ...I care for her so much.

But how do I stop from feeling jealous? It's not her fault aand really not his either...

I feel like the past 2 days he has given her lots of attention and nurturing and I haven't really gotten what I am used to. Is that spoiled? Is that normal? Am I just insecure? When I brought it up he tells me that he's just giving her reassurance but idk.

I want to have a lil' sister because it's fun, spices stuff up and it gives my Daddy what he wants and needs but at the same time thinking of another girl with my Daddy or feeling like this kinda' hurts a little.

I am caught between wanting to make him happy, wanting to give her what she needs and wanting to not feel all these things. And my feelings are really complicating things.

I told my Daddy, for the 2nd day in a row, how I feel and he dumped her instantly. This hurt her and confused her. That upset him because her heart was crushed and it upset me because I don't want anyone to feel bad and I believe in Karma. I'm afraid that by me starting an unanticipated chain of events that hurt her like that will eventually mean that I'm going to get hurt too.

He's trying to show me that I come first but I just wanted him to divide his affection and time equally, and I know that isn't possible. You can't feel the same thing for 2 different people and feelings fuel action.

I'm hurt and confuzzled by all of this. I just didn't want to feel marginalized. I wanted to still be his special girl and I just didn't feel like that and now because I was honest about my feelings I caused someone I care for, my sister, to hurt and be confused. I also upset my Daddy.

UGH! I told my Daddy that I am never opening my mouth again when it comes to my feelings. I learned a long time ago that just because I feel something doesn't mean I have to let my guard down and expose it. AAAAAAND I was an idiot and let myself get too comfortable and forget that.

Anyways...that's my dilemma and I know there will not be any magic cure for all of this but I have literally never been so disgusted with myself. I've hurt so deep and so much in my life and the last thing I wanna do is cause anyone else hurt. I wouldn't wish that kind of pain on my worst enemy.

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Are there any guys out there like me who are spanked while wearing girls panties bra knee socks blouse and skirt

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When I met my wife I was afraid to tell Her that I wanted to be SPANKED. She had raised kids so I figured She knew how to SPANK, but would She SPANK me ? Well, We are Way Way past the nervous and stammering of several years ago. She has become a SEVERE & STRICT SPANKING WIFE ! We are SUPER Happy because of this change. Well, She is SUPER Happy and I am SUPER Sore and Red Assed most nights after work. I know how to behave and I am getting better at not talking back or arguing with Her. I always call when I am supposed to and come home after work like instructed or else. When She is Angry or upset over my behavior, it is "Bend over NOW!" I am SPANKED with one of the many Paddles, Straps, Belts, Hairbrushes etc etc until I am very Red and Sore. And many times this last year, after She is done and I am feeling relieved She orders me to "Get Up." "You just earned another SPANKING and this One is going to HURT!" "Bring Me The STRAP and drop your pants." Oh We go Again. She has learned how to SWING The STRAP over time and it bites your ass with a sharp sting that becomes a BURN. There is a second or two as the pain grabs hold of you and then another "SPLAT" as another SWAT lands across your ass. I suck in my breath and try to hold still as I hear the "woosh" then "SMACK" as The STRAP blazes another stripe across my bare ass. I look through my thighs and see Her in her high heels and short tight skirt pull back Her arm high and swing thru with Her hips as another burning swat lands on my ass. I am on the verge of tears by the 5th swat and whimper and try to hold still as She lectures me and continues the SPANKING. By 10 swats I am begging Her to STOP and promising to be good but She just continues and orders me "DO NOT MOVE!" If I cannot keep bent over the couch, She puts me down on the floor and SPANKS me in downward strokes that seem twice as bad. Hence I am learning to stay in position and "TAKE IT" over the couch until She feels better and my eyes are teary. Funny how things change, huh. At first I BEGGED Her to SPANK me: "HARDER, AGAIN, use the Paddle, STRAP ME, Over Your Lap with The Hairbrush....!" Now I just BEG Her to STOP! And, Yes I do many, many delicious things to Her Body before, during and especially after a Good SPANKING!! Yes, I Love My Strict SPANKING Sexy Wife.
"Life is GRAND." RobRoy aka RPX. 11-10-2017.

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Does anyone know of a good paid site that works on mobile, specifically the iPhone?

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Well this morning has been a bit stressful. I was taking my best mate to a hospital we've never been to in Liverpool. For 9am so very busy roads during peak hour.
Last night I went to the theatre with my mother in-law and her fat club friends. We had a ball, lovely meal and fantastic show of Oliver.
Only down side was I always drive so can't have a drink but I did have a few sips of my mother in-laws wine.
But she was also able to tell me how to get to the hospital.
So I felt confident in going. I'm a very nervous driver going somewhere I don't know.

My best friend has a few lumps in her boob, 2 unknown lumps were clear, but the one you can feel they don't know what it is. So she had to go to the breast clinic at the women's hospital to have it vacuumed out for a biopsy.
Her appointment was 9 am.

Last night I got home at midnight, woke at 2.30 am, usual for me if I'm worried about getting up. Why I don't know coz I never sleep well. I came downstairs, made a coffee and had a few biscuits watching the soap opera that I missed last night.
I watched both shows then think I dozed a bit coz I next looked at the clock and it was 4.30 am. So made my breakfast, the dogs looking v confused at why I was getting dressed at only 6 am. The boys were both still asleep so I was trying to be v quiet. I left the house at 6.45 am.

Picking my friend up we headed off, got to the theatre then turn left as my mother in-law told me, but looking at the map, I think I missed one turning to continue up the right road. As with all cities, its a one way system, so each time I missed the turn I had to go round again. We found a multi story car park, get to the barrier for a ticket and couldn't get one. A supervisor came to us saying this is a staff car park only. I had a queue of traffic behind me so he guided me out, and he told us how to get to the right one. Mmmm round and round we go, seeing the same sights, over and over, good job we gave ourselves 2 hours to get there.
You can guarantee I will never find a place easily. I have no sense of direction, neither has my friend. Every time we saw a sign for carpark, I was in the wrong lane, so round we go again.
6 times for gods sake lol.
Eventually we find the right lane and find the carpark, easily got a disabled parking space, we had to cross a v busy main road to get to the hospital entrance.
Then comes the 10 mile hike up and down corridors, up and down lifts until we found the correct clinic.
We've both had a v nice well earned coffee and now my friend is in the clinic. I wasn't allowed in with her, which is what she wanted.
Hopefully it won't be too painful for her, as its being sucked out like a Dyson vacuum cleaner.
At least we could both laugh about it, I wouldn't want to come here on my own. I hate stressful journeys like this. No doubt Master wudda got us there first time, but he's working today. My friends mum was on holiday so she couldn't take her, but she's more like a sister I never had, best friends for 42 years.
WOW 42 years, that's such a long time. And we would do anything for each other.
Anyway just have to cross fingers that its nothing to worry about, she has more health issues than I do now. But she was in the Navy and led a v crazy wild lifestyle of booze and ciggies for years.

The journey isn't over though until we head home on the road we know. There's a big Costco in Liverpool, so if we can get there I will know the way home. Don't think we will go to Costco though, my back is pounding already. But we did need to go to the Chinese supermarket as we pass it. If we find the right way! Our intention is to get the map up to take us to Costco, the sat nav should get us there. But what are the promises we take 6 + times to find it.

Well the journey home was great, easy to get to the place we knew, stopped at the Chinese supermarket for few bits. Found a large steel spatula with holes that I thought could be an interesting toy and cheap. So got that too.
Then we went to one of our favourite pubs for a coffee then lunch. Both of us had calamari, yummie, and new for me, the crispy chilli beef and salad. All salad I could actually eat. It was so tasty. I will have that again and understand why she has it every time we come. We had another coffee back at my friends house, her mum arrived to check up on her. So we had a little chat then I left, absolutely exhausted. I haven't started my lines yet, so I may ask Master if I can leave them today and do double tomorrow. Or try and do them later on. I will ask and see what he says. My sketch is near enough finished ready for the weekend Show and Tell Sketch day. May make that tomorrow so I can start the third and final sketch for the dinner party story. Its been quite fun doing 3 separate pictures for the single event.
This trip will be yet another amusing story to tell people in the future.
I've had fun telling Master when I got home. Its never simple whenever I have to go somewhere.

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IAM a good girl every day. If anyone says IAM not then they will have to say it to my face. I have done no wrong for long time. And wanting to be a little naughty won't matter will it. ... Evil smile who is going to stop me ... Noone that's who. Hugs y'all

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I have an opportunity to do a severe spanking video in the next couple weeks , it's a very long spanking and afterwards there will be sex, anybody that has any ice on how to train myself for it inbox me please

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I find it easier if you contact me via kik. My username is t.mcfine

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I've been into spanking all my life, and have been spanked many times. I now live in an out-of-the-way place where no professional services are available. So I have to travel, and I can do that, but I'm having a hard time finding what I want. My travel area includes western PA, parts of WV and VA, and maybe eastern Ohio. Anyone have any suggestions for a strict-but-caring mature lady? Thanks.

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Loosely adaptly from "It Was Only a Shandy in Old Shanty Town"
The Ink Spots

Woodshed in Old Woodshed Town

It's only a woodshed in old shanty town
It's shingles so blown off you hear every sound
The strap is still there, in fact now a pair
But in that tumble down shed
With It'my bottom strapped red
There's not a place in this world that I'd rather be.

It's about four miles from town and just can't be missed
It's where grandpa took me when he was pissed
The stool's in it's place, my heart starts to race
It was on that old stool
Grandpa taught me the rule
He was faster, effective than all those at the school

Now we have houses in old condo town
The suburbs, the exurbs, the working man's crown
Gazebos and fountains, gatdens blazing with red
They'll instill no more dred than did Grandpas's old shed
Toss all your timeouts, groundings, and gazebos,too
Grandpa's shed and his belt will be better for you.

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In Masters work they are given the opportunity to go to concerts at the Glasgow SSC Hydro Arena. The company is given a private box with an open bar and food.
Master has put his name down for certain things but never had his name drawn until Tuesday.
He won 2 tickets to see James Arthur, supporting act Ella Henderson.

There were a few factors we had to discuss though.
Its a good 5 hour journey so we would have to stay over.
As its a free bar, we most certainly should stay over.
Could Master get time off work?
Would there be any hotel rooms available?
Master tries to use the same hotel group as he earns points, then we can use the points to go for a free night.
Who else from his work were going, he didn't want to go if he didn't like the other 5 people.
Plus did we really want to go?
Honestly it would be a shame not to go, one girl he works with went a while ago and all they did was stay at the bar and didn't bother with the concert.
We both only like 1 song he sings and not a big fan of the girl.
They were both on the UK X Factor, James Arthur won a few years ago, he went on a drug binge after that then cleaned up his act and started singing again. He always looks so bloody miserable when he sings.

The following day Master messaged from work to say he has booked Monday to Wednesday off, that way we will travel up on Monday, Tuesday daytime we could use the spa or see a bit of Glasgow, or chill out and have some fun in our room. Bet you can bet what I fancy.
Then the concert in the evening, Wednesday time to recover before the long drive home.
Its quite exciting, I've never been to a concert with Master and never been in a private box. Plus it will be great to have some time with Master again.

What a great thing to look forward to in two weeks time.
I've a feeling Master might get quite pissed on a lot of jack Daniels with coke, one guy going is known as the Jagermeister man as he drinks loads of it and expects everyone to join him. I've never had one, smelt the stuff when our son wanted a bottle for a party, it smelt disgusting. But it may appear rude not to join in. I'm not much of a big drinker these days, but if there's Sambuca in the bar, I most certainly will enjoy that.

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Getting a good morning spankings this morning , bare bottom grabbing my ankles while I get swatted with a belt and paddle

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It was more than the words,
it was the tone that she heard
in his voice—it stilled her,
it chilled her, made thoughts
disappear, brought shivers,
his breath in her ear—it turned
her to stone, cut her quick
to the bone, brought her to tears—
No, it wasn’t fear, but he alone
possessed such a voice, removing
all element of choice, and she
was powerless but to concur…

Yes, it was his voice,
his voice alone,
the quiet force of his tone,
his resolute command,
and when he took her in hand,
as it were...

then it was her voice,
to her surprise,
with a trembling sigh,
saying, “Sir”

(With a nudge and a wink to Tisiphones)

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I plan to travel around the Baltimore-Washington areas between 11/28 and 12/1 in case any naughty girls of varying ages out there care to have a total stranger stop by and administer some OTK consequences for their wayward behavior. Stops include Salisbury and Frederick, Maryland, and possibly Charlottesville, Va.I can direct you to my Facebook page and a professional oriented site so you can get to know me at least a little before making a decision. I can spank pretty hard, but deep down I'm truly harmless.

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This was my type of video, consensual and fun. Sound was great and the sequence unbeatable(!), from the taking off of the slipper to the 'commands' to drop the pants, then pass the jokari. And the timing perfect. But the highlight? For me the fitness of the partner, the spanker. The last time I saw abdominal muscles like that was when a woman with a bare midriff ran past me down a mountain side.

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