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My daddy doesn't allow me to curse and tonight I slipped up and said a word should i tell him

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Ok. So. If someone (not saying who) got asked to spend the holidays with family where a certain member that is a word was going to be as well, would it be wrong to give that as a reason? Because "the person I am talking about" has no other reason for not going. "The person that I am talking about" doesn't want to be spanked or have their mouth washed out for reacting if this certain family member tries to cause a scene...which they will. Thoughts?

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So I just went to Walmart to get a few things..... Checked out At the express check out n I dropped a $20 bill... This lady in front of me picked it up n I said thanks. I told her that it was mine n this witch said, "The things found on earth are kept by the collector," n started walking away.... I looked at the cashier who looked amazed as I was. I said WTH, give me my damn $20.00. This witch kept on walking away so..... I followed her. When she got to her car, she put her bags on the ground to open her door so I grabbed her bags, and walked off to my car. She shouted "give me my bags" n I replied "The things found on earth are kept by the collector!" I got in my car, and drove off on that witch. When I got home n opened the bags, there were ribs, crab legs and about $200.00 worth of meat. Not bad for being pissed over a $20 bill huh? But in all seriousness this is a joke.... ;)

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What you need to know about Men and Women:
women are crazy, Men are stupid...
The main reason Women are crazy ..
is because Men are stupid!

That's it in a nutshell really.

Mark makes me CRAZY.... GRRRR.

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Saara...freeze frame on kayleys video on a cell and pause video side by side

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well i think i found the one. she wants a dd relationship where are both held accountable by each other and she loves me kinky side. so off to oklahoma i go!

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why is it so difficult to find someone whom wants to be in a dom/sub relationship?

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Did anyone else have a specific room in your house that was only used for spankings?

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She was always a bad girl,
but she always got caught.
She was feckless and reckless
and rude, and she surely
deserved all the licks that
she got, because of her
poor attitude.

But there was a reason
for her errant ways—
it’s not that she couldn’t learn…
she simply loved spankings
from her earliest days—
she enjoyed it when
her bottom burned.

You could admonish or
berate or scold her,
but it seems that she
was immune—
the sternest of lectures
just made her bolder,
she’d hold out for the belt
or the spoon.

When reckoning comes,
she will confess
and onto your lap
she will climb,
and then she will say
as you flip up her dress…

“Don’t threaten me with a good time!”

badgirlalways gave me that line. I felt it deserved a poem to go with it.

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Good Morning, I am off work again today as a slight break before the Holiday Rush. MaryHelen semi scolded me this morning as She was getting ready to go into to Her work. I was not replying or responding very well so when I came out from the laundry room She was in the kitchen holding Her favorite Strap. I had pulled on a pair of panties when I got out of bed and they are skimpy. I knew I was in trouble! No protection or warm-up over any pants.... The clock was in my favor and like an idiot I said "Oh Look at the time." She said "Your right now Bend Over!" Those were some of the Hardest FASTEST STRAP SWATS I have ever had. And, She said I had EARNED another OTK Paddle SPANKING when She came home. I noddded and sulked on my sore ass as she went out the door.

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Went to my daughters house over the weekend had good time got some vodka half gallon.. then I drank some of it then went AND hung out at a friend's house for a few Hours . Next day I had to drive my daughter s van to help a friend that was broke down. Got the car running . Then went back to my daughters house got my stuff together and I went back home . Today IAM hoping my plans down fall through supposed to be hanging out with a friend... Hope it do t fall through.. have a good day y'all... cassy

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Any spankers in PA of TN? Give or get?

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I seriously need a trip to the woodshed for one like this

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Janie tried to be brave. She knew that David was purposely strapping her in front of Evan to make him see the consequences of his actions, on her. She had, of course, tried to sneak away in the night, so she was not surprised to find herself bent over Daddy's desk with her panties lowered to her knees. She felt very exposed with just her white lacey bra on and her bottom bared. Her father helped her reach her hands to the other side on the desk so she could hang on to the ledge. Her toes just brushed the floor so she needed to hold her fingers firmly to that edge, in order to stay in position. Her pretty little feet nearly dangled below her young firm behind.

Evan sat stunned, watching Janie remove her shoes, blouse and skirt. She'd looked so hot, dressed in that tiny skirt with her midriff exposed especially to meet him. Her father was appalled by her choice of attire, so insisted she remove it.
Even though he knew she was going to be harshly strapped, he was getting excited watching her perfectly round bottom be uncovered, as David tugged her delicate panties down to her knees. He was entranced to see the rubber strap fly through the air and land heavily on her cheeks. Her behind gave way as the rubber arrived with a resounding WHACK, sending shock waves from her hips to her thighs. It was quite beautiful to see the rippling, quaking flesh turn to ash and then to scarlet. His eyes were hungry for the next stroke, only thinking of Janie's misery when the screech escaped from her pretty lips. It did bother him to see her suffer, but she did it so exquisitely, it was almost an afterthought. His cock was preoccupied by the thought of penetrating her voluptuous ass. He knew that was what had started all the trouble, but he couldn't help himself. He became harder and harder as the strap rose and fell. Janie's sobs turned to long keening screams and pleads for her Daddy to stop. It was all he could do not to cum as he revelled in the appearance of each new, wide, red band across her ass and thighs. He could imagine himself behind her, entering her. He had to close his eyes and slow his breathing to stop himself. The thought finally occurred that he was next. It was only then that he seemed to assess her pain. If David would chastise her so severely, surely he had worse in mind for him.

David had glanced at Evan throughout the punishment. He was disappointed but not surprised, that Evan had not tried to intervene. He didn't offer to take the strapping himself to spare Janie. He knew the selfish little bastard hadn't even thought of it. Instead he sat there like he was watching pornography. It disgusted David to see how little heart the boy had. David lost his taste for punishing Janie. It was not having the desired effect on Evan. He had hoped to bring Evan to the realization that he'd done this to her! Instead he seemed pleased until their eyes met briefly. David could see the fear set in quickly and he wondered would Evan try to escape. Nothing would bring him greater pleasure than to expose him for the coward he was.

Even as Janie fought to grip onto the edge, she tried not to cry. The strap bit so violently into her that she could not hold back her cries. She hated that Evan had to watch this. She imagined it hurt him as much as it did her to see endure it. Her bottom felt as if the skin had been worn off with the pull and drag of the weighty implement. She felt like she been burned. The pain and heat ware so intense, but finally it was over. She felt her Daddy's strong hands lift her from the desk and he sat with a sigh and held her as she cried.

“It's all over, Janie. Go ahead and cry, honey. It's okay.” He rubbed her back and tried to comfort her. He could see past her to Evan, who had paled as the strapping concluded and his approached. “Do you want to stay, baby? Or go to your room?”

Janie didn't know when or if she'd see Evan again so she said, voice breaking as she tried to stop crying, “No, please Daddy, don't send me away. I love him!”

David's eyes narrowed looking at the boy. He had once thought he was a good match for his beloved daughter. How wrong he'd been, but Janie still did not see him for what he was. Somehow, David had to make her see. “Go on then honey, you may stay. Put your clothes on, but panties stay down and the skirt is to be tucked up. You'll go to the wall and face the mirror. You'll be able to see well enough. That's right, keep your panties down, hands at your neck and no rubbing just yet. You'll be needing some aftercare before bed.” He kissed her forehead and softly said, “There nothing I wouldn't do for you, Janie. Everything I do is for your good. I blame myself for this, as much as I blame him. But, my beautiful girl, you cannot go running off into the night. It's not safe. Anything could happen! That's really why I'm strapped you. I couldn't bear it if something awful happened to you, darling! Now go.”

Janie walked awkwardly, to the mirror, panties down, bottom glowing in shades of red and plum. Her tears were silently streaming down her cheeks. Her bottom was beginning to welt and blister. She was already feeling the skin tightening as the heat and pain throbbed, but she suffered quietly. Her thoughts were for Evan now. She'd gladly take more, if she could stop her Daddy from hurting him. She felt such love for him. Even here, she felt they were walking through the flames together. That thought gave her some measure of comfort and made her feel closer to him. She was trying to stop her tears which blurred her vision. She was feeling so scared and anxious for him. She had to see what was going to happen!

David went back to the front of the desk. His thick, muscular hands were folded across his chest. Janie could tell by the pink of his face that he was letting his anger resurface. He'd been so soft and gentle with her only a moment ago. This man was a darker, more dangerous version of her Daddy, an angry man with a sense of purpose and a thirst for vengeance.

“Let me ask you, Evan… You profess to love my daughter. Why did you not offer yourself in her place?”

Evan didn't seem to understand what he meant. He cocked his head in puzzlement. “Sir, you didn't give me that option. I didn't realize there was a choice.”

Janie let his answer sink in. Even she had thought to spare Evan… Why didn't he intercede or at least offer to take her strapping? She recalled the time when her cousin Dylan had taken the paddling she was supposed to receive. He'd done it because he'd been the one that got them into the situation. They were young then, but Dylan had been mature and brave. He said he did it because he loved Janie like a sister. Janie shook her head just slightly, confused and startled by the revelation.

“Evan, why didn't you ask?! Demand to be the one to take responsibility? None of us would be here today, if you had kept your word! Isn't that so?” David was highly skilled at questioning a witness, a skill that came in handy today.

Evan thought, well I wouldn't have wanted to miss it, that's for sure! He realized the seriousness of the question and quickly tried to find answer to justify it. “I thought if I questioned your judgement, it would have only made the situation worse, so I-I said nothing...I was...scared... for JANIE.” Yes, he thought, that answer would do nicely!

David shook his head. “I don't think that's it, at all, Evan. I think you take right after your useless, self centered Father. You put your own interests above everyone else’s. That isn't what a husband or a father does. They must put their family first. I know you didn't have a good role model growing up, but you have several years with James and me... Have you learned NOTHING, boy?! You had better think about that. We both know that you enjoyed her strapping. It wasn't until the time approached for yours, that you lost your taste for watching. I SAW you, Evan. I saw the lust in your eyes. There was no compassion there! You aren't fooling anyone!”

“If I said, you can go now, with no repercussions ,other than you can't see my daughter, would you take me up on that?” David wanted to hear his response but sadly, Janie spoke up first.

There was a beat of silence, and Janie said “No, Daddy! He loves me!”

"I'm not speaking to you, young lady. You will be silent or you will be gone!!”

“Yes, Sir,” she said automatically.


“No, of course not, I love her.” Janie had fed him the answer, but Evan wondered if that was a real offer. Although he adored Janie, really loved her more than any girl he'd ever known, he did wish he could make this all go away!! If he accepted, he wouldn't be marrying an heiress, wouldn't be acquiring the power or the privilege of being part of the King family empire! What were his prospects?? Dismal without David's benevolence!! If he could convince David he could learn to be the kind of man he wanted him to be, he could win it all, plus have the girl of his dreams! But could he really take it? The door was so close by...

**Thx again to Dennim2001 for the amazing "Janie" artwork. Please check out his extensive collection of original 3-D graphics but accessing his photo albums. It's astounding how realistic it is! Ty, Dennim xoJj

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One of the things that I've found hard to do is find someone to play with. I prefer to top but, I'm willing to switch. And no matter how much I go looking for someone? Sometimes it feels hopeless.

I wish there were a dating app for spanking. Or, something like this site that made it easier to connect to like minded people. However, it's one of the most difficult things I've come across.

A majority of my playmates are in a relationship with me when I explain it to them that I enjoy the lifestyle. But, finding a random per say? Not as easy.

Maybe I'm looking in the wrong place? Maybe I need to check out a bigger city or see if I can find any clubs? How do you guys find the ones you play with? Are they people you know or, are you able to connect with random people who enjoy the lifestyle?

Just wondering. Any and all feedback appreciated.

Stay spanking my friends.

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It has been awhile sent I last blog. Update no really face to face spankings yet. Still looking:( but my turn will come. I am very happy for the most part. I won in an archery contest happy about that. I am working with a horse trainer. I need a good long hard bare bottom spanking. Love you all, peace and keep spanking

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Heyy are there any ladies out there that like to spank with there hands??

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Happy Veteran's Day to my many friends who answered their call of duty.Thank you for your blood,sweat and tears that were given with your service. Remembering those that paid the ultimate sacrifice for OUR freedoms. Freedom isn't free. We are the land of the free because of the brave..may God bless you always...

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Hi stube friends! Miss you guys

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