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IAM a big girl I can do what I want when I want and how I want... Right Daddy? As I kneel before u looking at the floor. With my hands behind my back. As Daddy stands over me. Are u allowed to Dr a car right now ? No Daddy. Are u allowed to harm your self ? Looking at the floor not answering Baby girl answer me Daddy. Are u allowed to talk back no Daddy ..have u done any of that stuff .. yes Daddy. You know what u are in for yes Daddy. Stay where u are and don't move........what punshment do u think I should get comment below...

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I’m 35 year old male spanker living in TN. I’m currently seeking a woman between the age of 18 to 35 who seek the punishment she seeks. I do realistic punishment as well as role play. Let me remind you that I give non sexual punishment sessions only. I don’t mix spankings or other forms of punishment with sex. It seems lot of people can’t tell difference between erotic spankings and disciplinary spankings. I don’t mind traveling to meet to give one. However, one thing is certain. I need someone who is serious and not waste my time. I don’t want fake people as in someone who pretends to be interested and doesn’t show any effort to make that arrangement. Usually I prefer someone within TN. But if you live outside of TN and serious about receiving one, I’m willing to travel to make that happen. I just need to find a right time to do so. Any woman out there reading this, feel free to send me a message

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The liquor stores open at 11 where I live. That means 11 is an appropriate time to start drinking, yes? I mean, why else would they open that early? Its like the impulse lane at the shopping centers, very hard to resist. Plus the flashing neon signs make it even more tempting. When you've had a bad day, or know that you're going to, might as well be as mellow as possible as soon as possible. I should be quoted on that. That sounds like a very good meme. Somebody jot that down in case I forget it later. ♡Kelsin

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I didnt see that on the map

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About twice a month, SpankingpersonalCom allows for free messaging between members. Today November 15th, 2017 is one of those days.

I have no connection to the site, other than being a member.

Send Messages FREE Today 7pm - 1am East


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I must obey and be a good submissive is what IAM told. So I will do just that. I will not disobey or be naughty ... Never be. Bad yup that's me ... Giggles maybe in my next life..
A nice stress lease would be nice. Maybe soon until then IAM taking my meds the way I should and not cutting and may have messed up a few times but IAM trying. IAM sure in time I will be punished for my bad things I have done but IAM not saying what I have done. Want to know messanger me

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Hi! Ich versohle leidenschaftlich gerne Frauen den Hintern. Dabei habe ich festgestellt, dass Frauen von einer Art Stolz erfasst werden, nachdem sie versohlt wurden. Daher möchte ich ganz offen die Sessions aufzeichnen und hier verewigen. Wenn es Frauen gibt, die eine entsprechende Möglichkeit suchen, dann lerne ich sie ebenso gerne kennen. Ob Erfahrungen schon vorhanden sind oder nicht, ist nicht entscheidend. Natürlich bin ich auch für Damen da, die keine Veröffentlichung wollen. Man kann über alles reden.

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Do you know what I love about this site?
I'll tell ya... the minute you're feeling a bit down or pissed off..if you feel the need to share it or vent..there's always someone here that can..nay will, make you smile again.
Mark came home in a foul mood...took it out on me! Not being one to back down when a row ensues (unless he's holding an implement of arse destruction) I went the whole ten rounds with him! I felt like shite after we'd stormed off from each other, but then you guys....JAPAN with his quick poems and limericks..LOTUS with her logic...FRANCESCA who is always on my side...TISIPHONE...who makes me laugh...JANIE...who knows what it's like to live with one of these stupid boys lol. And last but not least PAINSLUT ..who always there when I need a shoulder.
Thanks you guys ...i feel much better now.

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My daddy doesn't allow me to curse and tonight I slipped up and said a word should i tell him

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Ok. So. If someone (not saying who) got asked to spend the holidays with family where a certain member that is a word was going to be as well, would it be wrong to give that as a reason? Because "the person I am talking about" has no other reason for not going. "The person that I am talking about" doesn't want to be spanked or have their mouth washed out for reacting if this certain family member tries to cause a scene...which they will. Thoughts?

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So I just went to Walmart to get a few things..... Checked out At the express check out n I dropped a $20 bill... This lady in front of me picked it up n I said thanks. I told her that it was mine n this witch said, "The things found on earth are kept by the collector," n started walking away.... I looked at the cashier who looked amazed as I was. I said WTH, give me my damn $20.00. This witch kept on walking away so..... I followed her. When she got to her car, she put her bags on the ground to open her door so I grabbed her bags, and walked off to my car. She shouted "give me my bags" n I replied "The things found on earth are kept by the collector!" I got in my car, and drove off on that witch. When I got home n opened the bags, there were ribs, crab legs and about $200.00 worth of meat. Not bad for being pissed over a $20 bill huh? But in all seriousness this is a joke.... ;)

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What you need to know about Men and Women:
women are crazy, Men are stupid...
The main reason Women are crazy ..
is because Men are stupid!

That's it in a nutshell really.

Mark makes me CRAZY.... GRRRR.

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Saara...freeze frame on kayleys video on a cell and pause video side by side

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well i think i found the one. she wants a dd relationship where are both held accountable by each other and she loves me kinky side. so off to oklahoma i go!

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why is it so difficult to find someone whom wants to be in a dom/sub relationship?

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Did anyone else have a specific room in your house that was only used for spankings?

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She was always a bad girl,
but she always got caught.
She was feckless and reckless
and rude, and she surely
deserved all the licks that
she got, because of her
poor attitude.

But there was a reason
for her errant ways—
it’s not that she couldn’t learn…
she simply loved spankings
from her earliest days—
she enjoyed it when
her bottom burned.

You could admonish or
berate or scold her,
but it seems that she
was immune—
the sternest of lectures
just made her bolder,
she’d hold out for the belt
or the spoon.

When reckoning comes,
she will confess
and onto your lap
she will climb,
and then she will say
as you flip up her dress…

“Don’t threaten me with a good time!”

badgirlalways gave me that line. I felt it deserved a poem to go with it.