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839 views · 113 days ago

Anyone know if class is open today or no?

If you wanna come out to play Painslut? We got a little score to settle!

18116 views · 2206 days ago

Alright, Party at my blog, or place, or whatever!!

EVEREYONE IS WELCOME hehehe even tops :3 someone's gotta keep us brats in line or its no fun!!! :P~

Where are all my brats tonight :3 I wanna have some fun!!!

1783 views · 118 days ago

Let's party Brats! Oh and Dom's too. Implements at the door. Brats you'll find your Brat Packs at the door as well. You will find an assortment of items surely to drive the Dom's crazy tonight. Have a blast, get a spanking and keep the alcohol coming! Lets do this!!!

1545 views · 105 days ago

Well Ditzy, welcome to my home. This is PS' room at the moment. You can live here for as long as you like. But be warned, I'm running a tight ship here. And when you're living under my roof, you comply to MY rules, understand?
PS show her around and explain the rest to her. I have TrueDemon waiting on me in the bar. Be good and go to bed soon! I'm-a check on you later again.
Hugs and leaves the place...

980 views · 104 days ago

Hello Everyone!

Since I already have been commenting on the blogs, I wanted to officially introduce myself, my name, is what I am,

True Demon!

I have become good friends with the other Demon on here!

Her and I make a wonderful team if I do say so myself!



689 views · 105 days ago

I just wanted to say to all my Spankocity peeps,thanks for being you. You guys are the best friends anyone can have and I really mean that. I have had soooo much fun on here. Ok enough of that, I don't want anyone getting all teary eyed here, so everyone beware there is a new No.1 brat here, step aside ditwad cause little bro has taken over. The painmeister is here to stay on top. So whoever is against me and they know who they are beware and don't sleep for a minute cause the painmeister will attack

9112 views · 1653 days ago

Now class,pay attention...silence in the back! I want you to express the following decimal .2 as a vulgar fraction and reduce the fraction to it's lowest terms.
Those of you who can do this will get a hearty well done from me;those of you who cannot will get ten with the paddle over the desk. Get to it and in silence! Well,what are you waiting for...head's down!!!

15382 views · 2008 days ago

Imagine there is a housing development that only spankos could live. There is a gate in front of the community so no outsiders could come in unless invited. Each house has a big bay window in front of there house. So if someone gets spanked outside in there yard no one would care. Or get the cops called on them. Now there are rules in the community that everyone must abide by. Give me some of the rules you would like to see in your little spanking community. Here is one of mine.

When a spanking occurs they must get spanked in front of the bay window for all to see. (if there out and about)

That's mine so what are yours?

I know we have some good imaginative spankos out there.

Or would you even consider living in such a comunity?

12452 views · 2208 days ago

How many pepole on here if they could would still sit and Home and Play with toys? Or how many of you got realllllly excited when the Lion King came out agian? LOL! I Did and Not just cos of my Innerchild and i still Play with my Old toys when i am Board LOL! Anyone else do this still even tho we are supossed to be grown up?
Love ya All
Happy spanks
Keith :)

777 views · 114 days ago

Hello Brats... well it looks like our Head Mistress is playing hooky today so we are going to have a different class tonight. How to do be brat... Please all critiques welcome.

616 views · 117 days ago

In the meantime in Missy's home... early morning, well too early after last night's party, at least...

“Oh…my… what’s that now? … eh… Hold on. How many drinks did I have last night? It wasn’t like I… hell why is that front door still locked?"

"Dear Lord! The glass in the window is broken. Someone broke into my house?!!! Uhh….
- Hold on! Oh my head is spinning… I remember… That naughty brat Ditzy did glue the locks of the front door and I had to break and enter my own home last night!Sighs…
“Why is it so quiet here? Where is everybody?”

walks up the stairs to the boys’ bedrooms…

705 views · 74 days ago

The bell is about to ring... Hope everyone is on time!

Drinks after at my place.!
No Missy she is quite busy.. So this should be a great night! Come lets party!

684 views · 112 days ago

So painslut, Ditzy and Ownedspankslave have decided to capture Grambles beloved horeses and go on a ride... Dear Lord, please let this not end up in a mess again ...

793 views · 103 days ago

Gramble's horses run away from the forge. Anyone know who let them run away?

612 views · 109 days ago

Here we go. I hope you will behave better today as you did the last time. Lotus complained to me big time and I sure as hell won't take any bratting tonight. Be sure to find yourself in detention quicker than you can say "s***". So, I hope I have your attention or else my cane will get the attention of your butts, believe that.

609 views · 101 days ago

Awwww, the quietness in Spankocity, and lonely in my cage. Can someone tell Missy I need more water in my bowl please???

575 views · 106 days ago

Rules are important and they help us Doms a lot to control our subs. (I mean... it's easier then to bust them for doing something wrong hehe...)

Here is a small collection of my favorites to chew on...

- that's a given...

- I'm not THAT tall so yes, this way it's easier for me

- if you have to ask what I mean by that, you're WRONG here...

- don't look at me like I'm an equal cause I'm not!

So these are the basics in MY house in Spankocity.

(No, it's not the basics when you're a sub of mine OUTSIDE of SPC!) That's a completely different deal.

Or isn't it? ;)

678 views · 113 days ago

Let's have some fun and party try to behave yourself and not get into too much trouble tonight

566 views · 102 days ago

Okay, okay, okay… everybody come in and sit down… damnit…where did I put my papers? I know I packed them before I left home… argh…
I hate when this happens!

Class, sit down and be quiet please!

(takes the paddle and hits on the desk, waits till there is silence)

Now listen, I did prepare an exam for tonight. But it looks like… well long story short, all the papers are gone. But nevermind. I just gonna write the questions down on here. You send your answers to my inbox, please. Subject: EXAM 1

Here we go:
1) name the 10 basic rules in DD
2) name 10 DD implements
3) differ the terms Mistress and Domme / Master and Dom
4) differ BDSM from DD
5) case study: The Domme comes home after a long days’ work. She’s exhausted and
tired. When she enters the house, the sub has prepared a wonderful candle-light
dinner. But the kitchen’s a mess. What’s the Domme supposed to say/do?

Don't write a novel, but don't be too short either.
You have 20 mins... from... NOW!

695 views · 100 days ago

Okay, Tru... it can't go on like this with Ditzy. She's getting herself and all the others into trouble way too much. I've had it!

This house is full of subs who need attention. We can't just focus on one girl only!

So let's have a talk with her. Time's up!