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I must obey and be a good submissive is what IAM told. So I will do just that. I will not disobey or be naughty ... Never be. Bad yup that's me ... Giggles maybe in my next life..
A nice stress lease would be nice. Maybe soon until then IAM taking my meds the way I should and not cutting and may have messed up a few times but IAM trying. IAM sure in time I will be punished for my bad things I have done but IAM not saying what I have done. Want to know messanger me

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JacktheLad - 8 days ago
I see you have a new Profile Photo, but those ropes wouildn't hold you like that!!

I won't ask what you did, but I will say, that if I was your Mentor - you would suffer the maximum punishment - Just to ensure you never did THAT again! He He!
t_dogg - 8 days ago
Submissives must always obey there master or mistress