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Do you know what I love about this site?
I'll tell ya... the minute you're feeling a bit down or pissed off..if you feel the need to share it or vent..there's always someone here that can..nay will, make you smile again.
Mark came home in a foul mood...took it out on me! Not being one to back down when a row ensues (unless he's holding an implement of arse destruction) I went the whole ten rounds with him! I felt like shite after we'd stormed off from each other, but then you guys....JAPAN with his quick poems and limericks..LOTUS with her logic...FRANCESCA who is always on my side...TISIPHONE...who makes me laugh...JANIE...who knows what it's like to live with one of these stupid boys lol. And last but not least PAINSLUT ..who always there when I need a shoulder.
Thanks you guys ...i feel much better now.

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little_cautious - 4 days ago
I'm glad you found such support here.
kezzi - 7 days ago
can i just say i love your little rants every time i read them i chuckle i keep up with your blogs for your rants and yes japans lil poems are always a bonus he he xx
Kissie - 7 days ago
Aww I'm glad you feel better. Everyone is really nice here
Ditzy247 - 8 days ago
Why thank you Rosypickwicket....I love your name.
RosyPickwicket2 - 8 days ago
Ditzy, you ate so much stronger than you think.
painslut1955 - 8 days ago
Awww Ditz you know I'll always be there for you but I do have to say I miss our battles lol xoxo
Ditzy247 - 8 days ago
Thanks Japan sir....means a lot. ((((Hugs)))) backatcha x
I'm like the hugging thingy
japan64 - 9 days ago

It works both ways, Ditz. You gladden our hearts as well.
Ditzy247 - 9 days ago
Oh and Dcatt... thanks for the ice... I've made a stew... his favourite on cold nights ... not that I've done anything wrong ... I just wanna make him feel better. It's freezing down here what's it like up in Scouseland? It once visited Liverpool it was so windy!
Ditzy247 - 9 days ago
Ahh my splayed hand is on my chest cos you girls touch my heart...if I were as clever as Japs or Janie...I'd pen a poem just for you two! ... maybe I could commission the most handsome poet on ST to write one on my behalf?