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My daddy doesn't allow me to curse and tonight I slipped up and said a word should i tell him

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Chubeebutt - 7 hours ago
Can you live with the guilt?....if you can say nothing!
Kissie - 3 days ago
Francesca14 - 4 days ago
Daddy should here what comes out of my mouth.......
MaryQueenOSwats - 4 days ago
I thought I posted this an hour ago, but because I don't see it here, I will try again.
He will never find out if you don't confess, so for me it would depend on what I think would happen. If he would do something yucky like soaping my mouth, I would quietly forget about. If I would get a yummy strapping, then I say, "Fuck, yes"
girlsgonewine - 4 days ago
We’re in the against telling camp. He will never know, honey. Learn and move on. Just be more careful. xoxo
Francesca14 - 4 days ago
How many for telling and how many against telling???
HeidiAnn41 - 4 days ago
Yes I believe you should because it will always be on your mind cause I have the same with me I have things that I didn't say and want now to be punished for cause its on my mind and want to get it done with to stop thinking about it.
Ditzy247 - 4 days ago
Absolutely not trust me... what the mind don't know... the heart don't grieve about. Keep your arse safe. Lol
Francesca14 - 5 days ago
Baloney, you only said a bad word.......I’m sure he says bad words
True_Home_DD - 5 days ago
Honesty is the best policy. Because even if you get in trouble he knows you are honest and trustworthy. And when you tell him something he will know it's the truth