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Ok. So. If someone (not saying who) got asked to spend the holidays with family where a certain member that is a B...ad word was going to be as well, would it be wrong to give that as a reason? Because "the person I am talking about" has no other reason for not going. "The person that I am talking about" doesn't want to be spanked or have their mouth washed out for reacting if this certain family member tries to cause a scene...which they will. Thoughts?

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RosyPickwicket2 - 14 days ago
Say, “Why would you talk like that when we all get together for a lovely time? So-and-so went to a lot of trouble to make this dinner and get together for us. Why would you want to spoil it by stirring an argument.?”
Kelsin - 14 days ago
Thank you! Enjoy your holiday as well!! ♡
girlsgonewine - 14 days ago
Kelsin, you have a good head on your shoulders. You made a responsible, well thought out decision and took the high road. Proud of you. Enjoy your holiday, sweet friend! xoxo
Kelsin - 14 days ago
Well, I would still have to drive to their house, but that's only about 20 minutes away. Much more do-able. Lol
Francesca14 - 14 days ago
Stay home with mom and dad, it’s to dangerous to be driving on Thanksgiving anyway.....good girl. ❤️
Kelsin - 14 days ago
Thanks for all the ice! I think I'm not going to go. Aside from "the evil one" being there, I found out that I can only stay for one day. That would mean 6 hours of the day would be spent driving since its 3 hours away. That's not much of a holiday....especially since the chances are high that being around "the evil one" is going to be hell. I'll have to save my arsenal of sarcastic insults for now. ;-)
Ditzy247 - 14 days ago
....Or you could go... chuck polite in the fuck it bucket and let rip with both barrels! At least you'd clear the air...
johnthelad - 14 days ago
My opinion for what it’s worth is go & totally ignore the person & keep your mouth shut it probably will be hard to do that but in the end you are the winner not the aggressor the best of luck to you
Kelsin - 15 days ago
@Francesca14, I accepted your request. Thank you. :-) I'm not sure if I'm going yet. My parents aren't going, so I may go to their house instead.
Kelsin - 15 days ago
If she starts something, I won't be able to ignore her. My brain to mouth filter will malfunction, and it could get ugly. I have a full arsenal of sarcastic insults just waiting to be used.