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What you need to know about Men and Women:
women are crazy, Men are stupid...
The main reason Women are crazy ..
is because Men are stupid!

That's it in a nutshell really.

Mark makes me CRAZY.... GRRRR.

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Kissie - 4 days ago
This did make me giggle but I do hope you are okay.
RosyPickwicket2 - 4 days ago
Viva la difference!
goodboy - 5 days ago
This to shall pass,good luck to you pretty girl.
dayliacatt - 5 days ago
Oh dear Ditzy, whats happened...... take a deep breath, in and out
And again in and out. Now focus, calm down, before your arse turns to pulp by your “stupid man” and hubby.
He makes you crazy but you know, he thinks hes right and youre wrong coz hes a man.
I have it with G.
So breath deep, focus and calm down.
I dont want to hear that horn has come out to agree with hubby. Xxxxxx
Ditzy247 - 6 days ago
'Cause the insanity in the first place' ... I like it Lotus...x
Tisiphones - 6 days ago
They certainly can...IF we let them.
Sometimes though, it feels like we have no choice.
Lotus - 6 days ago
Yup they make us nuts and then they want to beat our ass like they didn't cause the insanity to began with....
Francesca14 - 6 days ago
japan64 - 6 days ago
It's not our fault we're stupid, Ditz. It's how we're built. We think with our peckers, and you just can't pack much of a brain into one of those little things.
japan64 - 6 days ago
It’s a fact that men are from Mars
They like naked girls and fast cars
And girls come from Venus
They don’t have a penis
But some still like their cigars!