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why is it so difficult to find someone whom wants to be in a dom/sub relationship?

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tate999 - 6 days ago
There are lots of people out there looking the secret is finding the right person. Don't settle for second best and remember trust is the most important thing without trust you have nothing
tihforsurebut - 6 days ago
Good question. It depends on if it is online or off site relationship, but is easier to meet people interested in online relationships to have a relationship and have many more choices available than those who are looking for an off site relationship and those in the vanilla world as well, sadly.

I took breaks when I was seeking, as found it disheartening as many people fib about what they want.

Just be real, don't focus on a fantasy likely to be unfilled and put yourself out there regardless of if online or offsite.
Francesca14 - 7 days ago
It’s trial and error, just don’t give up...