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Did anyone else have a specific room in your house that was only used for spankings?

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RosyPickwicket2 - 5 days ago
The kitchen. That’s where my mom usually was. Busy, too. Easy to push her buttons, intentionally or not. WHAM, right then and there!
spoonybard - 6 days ago
I didn't (always just a bedroom) but while visiting a previous girlfriend's house, she told me "and this was out spanking room..." ^_^
HeidiAnn41 - 6 days ago
Bathroom when real little then it seemed to be in bedroom on the bed
olderspankee - 7 days ago
Yes, a spare bedroom, although you would not really know if you looked in to it. There was one corner with nothing in it, for corner time, a straight back chair in another, easily moved for Her to sit on while over Her knee and more pillows and cushions than normal on the bed. At the back of the closet was a draw with some implements. So it could go from spare room to spanking room very easily......a good question by the way.
Slick72 - 7 days ago
I have one which I spank my wife in
Philip95 - 7 days ago
I love the idea of buying a house and asking the Agent "And which one is the Spanking Room? ;-)